The MCPA is pleased to announce that we have recently finalized an affordable health insurance option for our members and your staff. 

This group health insurance -- Lifestyle Health Plans -- is specifically designed by Medova Health Care for chiropractic physicians (and staff) that are members of the MCPA in good standing and has the following features:

  • Available to employer groups as small as two employees (unlimited maximum employees),
  • Chiropractic physician practice owner(s) are counted in the number of employees,
  • Spouses in a family-owned practice are considered two employees with completion of separate applications for coverage,
  • Sixteen different benefit levels available to meet a wide range of benefits needs and premium ranges (when you apply, all sixteen benefit plans are quoted for your convenience, along with the ancillary plans).,
  • All plans offered are fully funded insurance plans, and
  • All plans meet Affordable Care Act guidelines and qualify as creditable coverage.

The application process is easy, takes only about 10-15 minutes to complete, and we have selected professional insurance agents to work with you directly for your convenience.

If you have any questions about pricing, coverage, or anything else specific to the plans, please contact the agent in your area by clicking the link below. 

 Click Here for an Agent in Your Area


Click Here for Application Forms